Beno Kunto Pradekso

benoIr. Beno Kunto Pradekso, M.Sc

CEO at SOLUSI247 and LABS247

SOLUSI247 is an ICT company established in 2000, and is focused on large scale data processing, relational database management systems (RDBMS), and massive parallel flat file processing. Because the exponentially growing amount of data available presents some significant challenges, they adopt Hadoop, the cutting edge Big Data platform. With the support of certified specialists, SOLUSI247 are able to create highly productive and easy-to-use tools and applications for MapReduce. One of those tools is called HGrid247, a tool that enables automatic code-generation and real-time processing. Their products and services have consistently ensured  customers’ satisfaction, which can be proven by the fact that they have implemented Hadoop clusters involving ± 200 nodes for telecommunication firms across Indonesia. SOLUSI247 continues to grow rapidly year after year. SOLUSI247 16 years of experience in managing Big Data projects in the telecom industry have made SOLUSI247 a recognized and trusted specialist firm in Indonesia.



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