Management Review

In order to support management review, conducted regular meetings in form of Management Review Meeting every three months by GJM to monitor and evaluate implementation of business processes towards achievement of quality objectives of each sub-unit.

Program performs management reviews before or after the Internal Audit Quality (AIM) every 3-6 months, by held meeting between Head of Program, all Vice-Head of Program, MR, leaders of each sub-unit and GJM team, in order to see and evaluate results of AIM and fix any deficiencies and to prevent also improve the quality if AIM results is excellent. And also evaluates quality objectives that have been set. Those second management review process as written in MP Management Review.

Management review results will be communicated to all Head of Program and academic support staff during routine meeting program. Explicitly, management review shall be regulated by Manual Procedure (MP) separately. Management review has included seven points of discussion, namely:

  1. results of audit, which is review of systems audit and compliance audit results throughout business process with a cross audit in program that involves leaders of program, and Laboratories. This is described in detail in Internal Audit Manual Procedures
  2. customer feedback, conducted by collecting and analyzing feedback from all components of customers about products that have been produced by e-complaint handled directly by PSIK
  3. process performance and product conformity, namely business process performance assessment that has been done by looking at audit results, feedback and achievement indicators of predefined work program
  4. status of preventive and corrective actions, done by assessment explaination in management review meeting to be formulated as corrective action to systems, processes and results that are not appropriate with manual quality and/or manual procedures and also prepare preventive measures so that the same mistakes are not repeated. Nonconforming product is described in detail in Manual Proceduresof Nonconforming Products. Evaluation that done by program described in Complaints Handling Manual Procedures & Evaluation subscription
  5. follow-up previous management reviews is process and results of corrective and preventive actions, both of which have been done or not, presented at next plenary meeting after a defined time period expires. This is described more detail in Corrective and Prevention Action Manual Procedure.
  6. changes that could affect quality management system, which analyzes changes that could affect quality management system
  7. suggestions for corrections, discuss recommendations that should be submitted related to handling of such discrepancy, which can be completed or closed or still unfinished or open so that still needs to be handling by larger parties

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